Our collaborative article work with the Naval Academy is published in the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science

Our joint study conducted with the Naval Academy regarding PVD-CrN coated Copper-Beryllium (Cu-Be) alloys is published in the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science in England.

The article was written by our R&D and Innovation Manager Dr. Cenk Türküz, and Naval Academy Lecturer Dr. Doğuş Özkan. The abstract of the article is given below:


Copper beryllium (CuBe) with good mechanical and high electrical conductivity properties is used in metalworking, electronic devices, automotive systems, and aerospace systems. Having low hardness limits its usage in tribosystems such as internal combustion engine valve train systems. In this study, heat-treated CuBe material was coated with CrN under a micron thickness by cathodic arc physical vapor deposition (arc-PVD) to improve wear resistance not only at unlubricated condition but also at the lubricated condition for tribosystem, especially a material candidate for cam tappets. Therefore, CrN-coated CuBe, CuBe, and AISI52100 steel samples were tested by a tribometer at unlubricated and lubricated sliding conditions. Surface morphological changes and tribochemical formation were investigated by optical microscope, optical profilometer, atomic force microscope, and scanning electron microscope. The results showed that CrN increased the wear resistance of the CuBe significantly, and it can be used as cam tappet material both on unlubricated and boundary lubrication regimes.

The full article can be found from the link given below.