Titanium Nitride (TiN) is the most commonly-used, general purpose PVD coating in the world. All mechanical and friction properties are at the average level. Therefore, it is an economical coating that gives positive results for all cutting tools and mold applications. In general, it can be applied to all kinds of cutting tools, the cutting molds and the form dies. It gives successful results especially in cutting tools such as drill, milling, guide used in machining of low strength steels and cast iron under sufficient cooling medium, and in cutting knives such as hobbing, broach, and in all kinds of cutting-spinning molds. Moreover, since it has a golden yellow aesthetic appearance, it is widely used in medical and decorative applications. Thanks to its high chemical stability and biocompatibility, it is successfully used in implants and prostheses inside the body.

Properties and application area

  • Chip removal operations at low and medium cutting speeds
  • Machining of low-strength workpieces
  • Well-cooled chip removal processes
  • Cutting, dies and punches of low-strength sheets
  • Easy to observe the trace of wear due to its decorative golden yellow appearance
  • Biological compatibility and high chemical stability
PVD coating Super TiN

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Technical Properties
ColorGolden yellow
CompositionTiN Based
Oxidation temperature600 °C
Hardness2600 HV
Friction co-efficient0,40
Coating thickness2 – 5 μm