Anthracite titanium carbonitride (TiCN) based coating has higher hardness and impact toughness than TiN PVD coating due to the graphite content inside itself. Furthermore, due to the solid lubricant effect of graphite, friction co-efficient is also lower than that of TiN coating. Thanks to its impact resistance and high abrasion resistance, it offers long tool life in milling applications where tool cooling is performed well, and in gear knives such as hobbing and fellows and guides. Since its temperature resistance is lower than that of TiN coating, it is successful especially in cutting tools used in well-cooled benches, and in applications giving short chip. On account of its low friction co-efficient, it is also used in spinning, deep drawing dies and punches where adhesive wear mechanisms are dominant.

Properties and application area

  • Material removal processes at medium cutting speeds
  • Machining of low and medium strength workpieces
  • Well-cooled material removal processes
  • Cutting, dies and punches of medium strength sheets
  • Thanks to its  low friction co-efficient, compatibility with form, spinning, deep drawing dies
  • Thanks to its  low friction co-efficient, compatibility with guides and drift punches
  • Thanks to its  high hardness and toughness, compatibility with impact material removal processes
  • Biological compatibility and high chemical stability
Technical Properties
Color Violet-Grey  
Composition  TiCN Based  
Oxidation temperature  400 °C 
Hardness  3800 HV 
Friction co-efficient  0,25 
Coating thickness  1 – 4 μm 

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