Onyx aluminum chrome nitride coating is a special purpose PVD coating which has been developed for high performance chip removal and molds working under heavy conditions.

The temperature resistance of the onyx coating is higher than that of  Zafir Plus. Thanks to its extremely small dimension at a grain size, and to its high aluminum content, it offers high heat hardness and wear resistance in cutting tool applications where high temperatures occur. Therefore, it is suitable for many dry and high-speed cutting processes. It is very efficient especially in the machining production of alloys, with high toughness, and forming long chip.

Thanks to its chrome nitride structure in its content, it has a high rate of compression internal stress, and therefore, toughness is higher than that of Zafir Plus. Thanks to this property, it also gives successful results in hard sheet metal cutting dies. Thanks to its temperature resistance, it is suitable for aluminum and Zamak injection molds.

PVD coatings Oniks

Properties and application area

  • Chip removal process at high cutting speeds thanks to its high hardness
  • Suitability for machining of hard workpieces with short chip
  • Suitability for machining of alloys, with high toughness, and giving long chip
  • Low rate cooling or dry chip removal processes
  • Cutting and spinning mold and punches of hard sheets
  • Suitable for metal injection molds thanks to its high temperature resistance

For detailed information about the product

Technical Properties
ColorFume – Grey
CompositionAlCrN Based
Oxidation temperature1000 °C
Hardness3600 HV
Friction co-efficient0,50
Coating thickness1 – 7 μm