Potenta PVD coating is, Potenta titanium chrome nitride (TiCrN) based coating, and with its superior surface friction properties, ideal for applications that especially require the surface to be both hard and high greasy.

It contains intermediate phases in its inter-ceramic bond structure with low friction feature. It has a similar friction co-efficient with traditional Chrome Nitride coating, but has much higher hardness and wear-scratch resistance. It is extremely successful in deep drawing and heavy spinning applications of thick sheets.

Properties and application area

  • High hardness and very low friction feature
  • Suitability with spinning and deep drawing dies of hard and / or thick sheets
  • Excellent resistance to adhesive wear and adhesion-winding wear
Pvd Coatings potenta

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Technical Properties
ColorGolden yellow
CompositionTiCrN Based
Oxidation temperature600 °C
Hardness3000 HV
Friction co-efficient0,30
Coating thickness1 – 7 μm