Technologies we use in PVD Coating

High quality PVD coating production is performed through Platit PVD coating system in our company.

Advantages provided by Platit PVD coating technology:

  • High ionization efficiency
  • High plasma density
  • Void-free, intensive coating production
  • High coating hardness
  • Perfect adherence of the coating to the base material
  • High coating efficiency
  • Low friction coating production
  • Coating surface with low roughness
  • Production of coating resistant to all wear mechanisms
  • High coating production flexibility with 4 planar cathodes
  • Even coating thickness all over the coated part
  • New generation triple / quad series nano-composite coating production competence
Platit pi411Plus PVD Coating Technology
Platit pi411Plus PVD Coating Technology
PVD coating technology platit