Aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys are generally used in Aviation sector since they are light and durable. The tools that are used to process these materials are required to be resistant to friction, wear and high process temperatures.

In this context, since the light alloys which are used in the aviation sector tend to stick to, and to spin the surface of the tool, the coating to be used must be resistant to the effects of adhesive wear. At the same time, especially due to the set and abrasive effects of alloy elements such as molybdenum, chrome, nickel, it is expected that the coating to be used is resistant against the abrasive wear, and it is also expected that the coating is resistant to high temperatures since these alloy elements tend to overheat during machining process.

Choosing a coating that will provide all these expectations in an optimal level is of critical importance in terms of increasing tool efficiency and reducing tool cost per piece that is produced.

PVD Coatings for Aviation