In the automotive sector, PVD coatings are needed in many processes and equipment such as gear producing knives (hobbing, fellow, sykes knives), cutting tools and sheet metal cutting and forming molds, and in metal and plastic injection molds.

The PVD coatings that are used reduce the wear rate peculiar to the application, and offer long tool life and mold life.

As a result of technological developments happening in the automotive industry:

  • Requirement for usage of mold and tool having higher efficiency
  • Requirement for reaching higher production speeds
  • Requirement for usage higher strength, therefore more abrasive workpieces and sheets
  • Requirement to reduce the amount of lubrication
  • Requirement to reduce tool and mold cost per piece that is produced

With the use of new generation PVD coatings with superior mechanical properties and wear resistance, these requirements are met and high productivity and profitability values are achieved.

Automotive Industry