Lubrica Top PVD coating is a special purpose coating that has been developed by TITANIT. Thanks to the metallic phases in its structure, it has very low internal stress and high toughness. Because of this feature, it provides long tool life, without any cracking-spillage, in applications that work under impact. Furthermore, since it can be applied in high coating thicknesses such as 10 microns, it has a high rate of thermal insulation compared to other coatings and thanks to this feature, it provides very high wear strength in metal injection, hot forging, gear sets and end milling cutters. Moreover, since it has a low surface friction co-efficiency, it is very suitable for chip removal and mold applications where adhesive wear is dominant, and especially winding-spinning damage occur.

Properties and application are

  • Very high impact resistance and hardness
  • High temperature resistance
  • Suitable for metal injection and hot forging dies
  • Suitable for spinning-for molds thanks to low friction
  • Suitable for milling cutters working under impact and gear production sets
PVD coatings Lubrica Top

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Technical Properties
ColorBlack – Purple
CompositionAlTiCrN Based
Oxidation temperature950 °C
Hardness3700 HV
Friction co-efficient0,50
Coating thickness2 – 10 μm