Lubrica Tribo PVD coating is a version of Lubrica Top coating, surface properties of which are improved, and friction co-efficient of which are reduced. Thanks to these properties, it is especially preferred in milling cutter applications working under impact, in cutting tools, processing workpieces with long chip, and in hard and / or thick sheet spinning operations, requiring high surface greasiness.

Properties and application area

  • Very low surface friction
  • High temperature resistance
  • Suitable for spinning-form molds thanks to the low friction
  • Suitable for milling cutters working under impact and gear production sets
  • Suitable for cutting tools that process soft workpieces

For detailed information about the product

Technical Properties
ColorSilver – Grey
CompositionCrAlTiN Based
Oxidation temperature900 °C
Hardness3700 HV
Friction co-efficient0,30
Coating thickness2 – 10 μm