Today, with the development of the materials science, it is of great importance to produce more durable and strength parts, with higher production speeds and higher quantities, and while doing so, at the same time, to minimize, under increasingly becoming difficult competition conditions, the cutting tool cost, discard rate, machine downtime, tool changing and sharpening times per piece produced.

The main methods of achieving these expectations are the use of cutting tools with improved material structure and more stable workbenches, the development of cutting tool geometries optimized for cutting conditions, the improvement of chip removal parameters, and the application of surface processes aiming to extend tool life between two sharpening processes times.

By selecting the proper PVD coating suitable for cutting conditions, the tool life and the number of parts machined with a cutting tool can be increased, and thus a significant decrease in the cutting tool can be enabled.

PVD coatings for the machining and the parts production industry