Alterna zirconium nitride based PVD coating is a  coating type with low surface friction co-efficient, high hardness and chemical stability. Due to its these properties, it offers successful results especially in tools used for machining of soft metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and in plastic injection molds. It is also successfully applied to gear knives used in well-cooled medium.

Properties and application areas

  • High hardness and very low friction feature
  • Suitability for spinning molds
  • Suitability for metal removal tools of non-ferrous soft metals
  • Excellent resistance to adhesive wear and adhesion-wrapping wear
PVD coatings Alterna

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Technical Properties
ColorBright yellow
CompositionZrN Based
Oxidation temperature450 °C
Hardness3000 HV
Friction co-efficient0,30
Coating thickness1 – 5 μm